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Author Topic: IELTS speaking topics for practice  (Read 4099 times)
Paul Brown (MA CELTA)
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« on: February 15, 2007, 04:09:47 AM »

 Hey guys,  Grin

 If you are preparing for the upcoming IELTS test, here are some speaking topics that you should practice before the big day! Prepare them yourself, or find a friend and practice them together taking turns to make a speech.  Roll Eyes

 Have fun,  Wink


Speaking Part Two

1. Describe a person from your youth who had a great influence on you:

You should say:

-where you met them
-what relationship this person was to you
-what was special about them
-explain how they influenced you so much.

2. Describe a home/ place of stay which is very near to your heart :

You should say :

- why you are so attached to that home
-how long you stayed there
-Who occupies that house now
-what did you liked most about that house

3. Describe a piece of music that has had a big effect on you.

You should say :

- what is that music about (classical/ movie- related/ others)
- what is so special about it
-has it changed over years

4. Talk about a friend who is very close to you

You should say:

-when and how you met
-how often you see this friend
-what kind of personality your friend has
-why you like spending time with this particular person

5. Describe an important historical event in your country:

You should say:

-when it happened
-what happened
-who were the most important people involved
-why do you think it was important to your country


6. Describe a family member that you really admire:

You should say:

-what relation this person is to you
-what are your special memories of this person
-how often you see this person
-why you really admire this member of your family

7. Describe an object which is very important to you:

You should say:

-what it is
-when and where you got it
-how it helps you in your life
-you would do if you didnít have one of these

8. Describe a photograph that means a lot to you:

You should say:

-what it shows
-who took the photograph
-when it was taken
-why this photograph is so important to you

9. Describe a memorable holiday you have had :

You should say:

-how you travelled
-what activities you did on holiday
-who you went with
-what so memorable about it

10. Describe a book that influenced you:

You should say:

-what it was about
-who recommended it to you
-why you decided to read it
-why it had a strong effect on you


11. Describe a party that you have been to that you enjoyed:

You should say:

-who gave the party
-why you were invited
-who was at the party
-why you really enjoyed that party

12. Describe your favourite place in your house :

You should say:

-where it is
-who you like to go there with
-what you enjoy doing there
-what makes this place special for you

13. Describe a typical festival in your country:

You should say:

-what is the celebration about
-what people do during this celebration
-what you usually do at this time
-what this celebration means to you

14. Describe a teacher that you remember from school:

You should say:

-what the teacher taught you
-what was good about the teacher
-what you didnít like about the teacher
-do you think this teacher changed your life in any way

15.Describe a child that you know that is special for you:

You should say:

-who the child is
-what the child is like as a person
-what is the most attractive feature of the child
-why this child is so important to you


Accept finite disappointment, but don't lose infinite hope!
Paul Brown (MA CELTA)
Global Moderator

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« Reply #1 on: August 20, 2007, 02:17:36 AM »

 Hey guys, Grin

 Here is another IELTS Speaking topic for you to practice.... Cheesy

 Speaking Part One
 Personal and Family questions
 Questions about Travel
 Questions about Grand parents

 Speaking Part Two

 Talk about a radio programme you found interesting

Speaking Part Three

What is the impact of a local radio station?

What is the impact of a national radio station?

Do you think that the radio is beneficial for advertising?

Compare tv programmes and radio programmes?

What are the advantages of a radio station?

What skills would you need to get a job in radio?

 Remember that practice will make you perfect if you practice the right things!

 Have fun, Wink


Accept finite disappointment, but don't lose infinite hope!
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